Monday, June 7, 2010

Fan Appreciation show June 5-6 2010

so this last weekend i was at the Toronto Comicon fan appreciation convention.  i have to say that the first day of the show wasn't as good as i hoped.  it seemed that there was no one there, and i most were waiting for the Sunday where it was free to get in.  well i was right about that.  the show was a lot better on the Sunday and i ended up working a bit harder on sketches.

i think the greatest thing about the show was there was a fan who brought me an "Art of IDW's Transformers" hardcover book to which he wanted me to draw any 2 transformers i wanted in the inner front covers of the book  so i did a prime and megatron.  i was most happy with the way it turned out.  i guess the fan was too because he came back to get me to do 2 more in the inner back covers.  this time i did bumblebee and starscream.

so yeah i have to say that these came out better then i hoped.  makes me want to do this to my copy of the book, and then buy 3 more and do the same thing.  hmmmmm, interesting idw :p

the rest of the con was pretty good.  did a few more sketches and sold a few prints.  all in all a pretty good time.

well, back to work :)


  1. I love the art book idea! Definitely something unique that fans can brag about ;)

  2. now you need to let me do this to yours when you get it :p a sunstreaker for sure ;)

  3. I really like the artwork inside the books, man :)!

  4. i know which one you like the best :p

  5. That is awesome! I wouldn't mind having that done in my Premiere Hardcovers! If you ever make it to the UK or me to Botcon, consider this a done deal!