Sunday, June 20, 2010

Getting ready for BOTCON :)

So this weekend coming up will be Botcon 2010.  I have to say that I'm getting pretty excited now about going.  I leave on Wednesday for Orlando where the convention is being held this year.  So I get there a couple days before the show actually starts.  I think it's nice to be able to relax and not rush around as soon as I get off the plane.

Just like all the other years that I've attended Botcon, I will be set up selling prints and doing sketches for people who want one.

here are a few examples of the prints and sketches I'll have at the show.

All prints are $10.00 and are 11'x17' in size.

Sketches are 8'x10' and go from $20.00 for B&W to $40.00 for Colour.

Just a few samples of what I'll have at Botcon.  Sketches are usually first come, first served depending on what you want.  The best thing to do if your interested in getting a sketch is to get to me early and put in your request since there have been times whee my sketch list fills up fast. I would like to be able to do every sketch that people want, but there are only so many hours in the day.  

Also, if you want a sketch and it's of a not as well know character or it's something totally different from a transformer, then i suggest bring a image reference for me to work off of, just so i get exactly what you want.  Best to bring reference for everything just in case ;)

Well, I have some last minute work to do, and many other things to get done before i leave. So i will be off for now.

see you again when i get back

Cheers :)


  1. If only I could be at BotCon - I'd buy Thundercracker :-) Or better yet, if you had it, a print of Red Alert.
    But I live in Scotland. Not exactly just doon the road a wee bit. *Sniffle* No BotCon 4 Me.
    Best of luck to you and have some extra fun for those of us that live thousands of miles away, stuck on farms! It's hard to find an animal-sitter for 300 head of cattle and 200 sheep. Not forgetting the ten barn cats...

  2. P.S. Will you be posting pics of your BotCon adventure? Seriously, I'm not stalking you...

  3. LOL. yeah i'll be posting pics of my botcon adventures. whatever those may be ;)

  4. YES!! BotCon by Proxy 4 Me lol!
    Have a blast!

  5. Have a good time, and I hope all those pix sell! But then again people would have to be silly not to snatch them up...

  6. @Jenn. thanks. i hope to have a good time. just not looking forward to the heat that much. but as long as my AC is working, i should be fine :D
    I'll be sure to give you regular updates while i'm there :)

  7. Just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you at Botcon. It's nice to put a face to the artwork. Looking forward to more work from you!

  8. @Coffee Catholic. no, i'm not. florida killed me ;) too hot down there.

  9. Where's your BotCon pics??

    Gad, you should have sent us some of that Florida heat ~ we're still wearing polar fleece up here in northern Scotland!!

  10. ...oh, sorry to sound so demanding about the BotCon pics. I'm sure you actually have a life (unlike me LOL!) and you're actually busy.

    Have a lovely day!

    Cheers :-)
    ~Michelle Therese