Monday, June 7, 2010

WORK, WORK, and more WORK

so basically this is just me ranting about the ton of work i have to do right now.  seems like there is never a break.  sometimes that is a good thing since i don't really want a break, i would just like a more even flow of work.  you never know when work will be offered to you, so you grab as much of it as you can and then your in the deep end of it.  oh well.

so basically i've been getting a bunch of work done before i head off to botcon in  about 2 weeks. that convention is always fun.  i'll post pictures from it when i get back.  (hopefully i'll remember to take pictures :p )  but there is lots of things to get done.  mostly my pages for the Drift mini series i'm currently working on.  

i have to say, for a series i've worked on, this one is pretty fun.  i never thought i'd like working on Drift, but i do.  i've grown to like the character. hopefully you to will enjoy the book when it comes out.  

well i better get back to work now.  i want to come up with a couple new print images to take to botcon, so for now i leave you with this page.  not the final look of the page, but good enough to post here ;)


  1. I absolutely love this page - especially the first panel - really awesome! I honestly can't wait to get my hands on this Drift mini! Great job, mistah!

  2. thanks. i had lots of fun working on this page. i started this one over christmas, so i had a while working on the first issue. hopefully all the time and effort will pay off :)